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Kin~Chapter 12 (Part I)
~ North of the Misty Mountains…
An Avari pushed the remains of the meal their new Orc companions had made of a deer into the river, pausing to wash the blood from his hands in the cold water.
He stood and was slightly startled when he saw Maellang, previously unnoticed, standing angrily in the shadows of trees in the full-moon’s light. His pale face was deathly twisted in a guise of hate, and his black eyes held no shine. The Avari gasped quietly in surprise when Maellang abruptly turned his head to stare at him.
“Maellang…I—I did not see you,” he said quickly, but Maellang beckoned him closer. The Elf knew that to not obey a simple command might mean a punishment with some form of witchcraft, and he slowly stepped towards him.
“That boy Garrik-” Maellang spat his name, “-Is not fit to lead the Avari.”
The Elf remained silent.
The Avari, he knew, loved Garrik as they had loved Garran. Thus far, Garrik had been a fine ruler, in
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Kin~Chapter 11
Aldaraen stopped his horse alongside Elrond’s and Glorfindel’s mounts, watching with a sense of calm satisfaction as the mounted troops of Imladris made their way across the shallow water of Bruinen Gorge, heading towards the valley.
It was amazing how swiftly the troops of Imladris could travel on horseback.
From their vantage point, the three Elves could see almost the entire cavalry, led by Elladan and Elrohir, Elrond’s twin sons.
A great shadow passed over them, accompanied by near silent swoops of massive wings, and Aldaraen raised his eyes in habitual horror, only to relax when he recognized Menelaudh’s gleaming black underbelly, a green, leaf-shaped jewel resting on her chest.
The FireDrake dipped slightly to begin an unbelievably swift decline into the valley below, her massive wings open as she glided, and Aldaraen caught a glimpse of his nearly grown son, Aldariil, seated securely near her neck.
He wondered how Aldariil managed to stay mounted upon the
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Kin~Chapter 10 (Part III)
~ The next morning…
The new, youngest members of the Guard who were placed on sentry-duty watched in uneasy surprise as a pair of Elves that emanated power unseen to the eye approached the Stable Gate, a Dwarf astride a goat between then.
To the young ones’ surprise, they recognized their High-Captain, Eardaneth SeaGaze, who had been absent for quite a long time now, and they immediately pressed their fists to their chests in salute.
One of the most renowned Elven Lore-Masters still residing in Middle-Earth, Yaeran, beckoned for them to follow them after their steeds had passed through the great gateway.
“My lords,” the highest ranking young Guard addressed Yaeran uncertainly, “You have been banned…”
“Go to the Guard and Rangers quarters, those who are on duty, and tell them to gather in this courtyard immediately,” Eardaneth instructed strongly, and the young Elves in uniform glanced at one another before saluting. They turned and
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Kin~Chapter 10 (Part II)
Eardaneth didn’t wait for his horse to stop once it had reached their hidden camp by the river, simply dismounting and throwing himself about in fury, attacking the towering reeds with a fury and shouting,
“That stubborn, pig-headed, inflexible, adamant, bull-minded, impossible, dogged, tenacious young IDIOT--!”
Yaeran slid calmly from his horse and watched his younger brother’s frustrated proceedings with a small, amused smile.
When Eardaneth noticed him staring at him, he threw his sword on the ground and demanded, “What are YOU staring at?”
“I have not seen you so frustrated in quite a long time,” Yaeran replied mildly, turning to remove his steed’s tack, “You should learn to bridle your temper.”
“That pig-headed boy might be the ruin of this endeavor--!”
“He is no longer a boy, SeaGaze,” Yaeran turned and looked at him exasperatingly, “He is the King of Mirkwood. Can you blame him for wa
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Has anyone ever wished/fantasized that this was Elrohir and Elladan? :D (Do you even recognize the characters?)
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